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Inclusive Development in Africa: Transformation of Global Relations

Vusi Gumede
Inclusive Development in Africa: Transformation of Global Relations
ISBN: 978-0-7983-0520-4
2018/301 pages
Distributed for AISA, an imprint of HSRC Press


What can—and should—be done to achieve effective development in Africa? Addressing this fundamental question, the authors offer specific suggestions emphasizing the need to both radically transform global power relations and to reform domestic socioeconomic policies.


Vusi Gumede is professor in the Faculty of Economics, Development, and Business Sciences at the University of Mpumalanga


  • Towards Inclusive Development in Africa—V. Gumede.
  • Genealogies of Coloniality and Implications for Africa's Development—S.J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni.
  • Africa and Global Recessions: Options for Reducing Vulnerability in Future—T. Moyo.
  • No African Futures Without the Liberation of Women: A Decolonial Feminist Perspective—A. Nkenkana.
  • Capitalist Crisis and Gender Inequality: Quest for Inclusive Development—D.A. Mokoena.
  • Agrarian Accumulation and Peasant Resistance in Africa—W. Chambati, F. Mazwi, and S. Mberi.
  • The Great Recession and "Development" Implications for Africa: Possibilities, Constraints, and Contradictions of Oil-Driven Industrialization in Ghana—J.A. Ayelazuno.
  • Inclusive Development in Nigeria: Beyond the Fetishism of GDP and Challenges of Poverty Reduction—S.O. Oloruntoba.
  • Inclusive Development in South Africa: Rethinking Socio-Economic Policies and State-Capital Relations—V. Gumede.
  • The G77 and the Transformation of Global Relations: Challenges and Opportunities—S.D. Kamga.
  • Emerging Questions on the Shifting Sino-Africa Relations: "Win-Win" or "Win-Lose"—P. Bbaala.
  • Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) and Africa: New Projected Developmental Paradigms—T. Lumumba-Kasongo.
  • Towards Another "Great Transformation"—T. Mkandawire.
  • Neoliberal African Growth Narrative: Way Forward—Y. Tandon.