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India's Industrialists

Gita Piramal and Margaret Laniak Herdeck
ISBN: 978-0-89410-415-2
1986/467 pages
A Three Continents Book

"The book has very valuable factual information as well as listings of important addresses especially meant for [business people] visiting the vast subcontinent with money in their briefcases and investment plans on their minds."—Weekend Review

"Essential reading for all those interested in the rise of entrepreneurship in India."—The City Magazine, Bombay


This study of thirteen of India's leading industrial families pays particular attention to the key decisions, cultural traditions, and personality issues that have contributed to their success. Based on interviews with scholars, journalists, government officials, and the business leaders themselves, the book covers each family business from its founding through its expansion into a large-scale, international enterprise. Photographs of family members and company work sites, charts and maps, and bibliographic entries enhance the text.


Gita Piramal holds a Ph.D. in Indian industrial entrepreneurship. Margaret Laniak Herdeck has extensive experience as an advisor to U.S. companies investing in India, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Far East.