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Indigenous Systems and Africa’s Development

Vusi Gumede, Mammo Muchie, and Ajebush Shafi, editors
Indigenous Systems and Africa’s Development
ISBN: 978-0-7983-0534-1
2021/351 pages
Distributed for AISA, an imprint of HSRC Press
"Offers a delightful set of ... perspectives that explore the ethical, aesthetic, linguistic, scientific, technological, economic, and policy dimensions of human development from an African vantage point."—Ogundiran Soumonni, University of the Witwatersrand


In an effort to solve the enduring puzzle of slow economic and social development in Africa, the contributors to Indigenous Systems and Africa's Development advocate for a paradigm shift in both thinking and practice that would integrate indigenous knowledge systems into the development process.


Vusi Gumede is professor in the Faculty of Economics, Development, and Business Sciences at the University of Mpumalanga. Mammo Muchie is DST-NRF research chair in innovation studies in the Faculty of Management Sciences at Tshwane University of Technology. Ajebush Shafi is a research and innovation consultant at Tshwane University of Technology


  • Introduction.
  • Cultural and Linguistic Dilemmas in Africa's Development Trajectory—I. Muheeb and M. Diyal.
  • The Development Sustainability of Indigenous Technologies—J. Ogunniyi.
  • Rethinking African Indigenous Knowledge and Practices for Environmental Sustainability—M. Diyal.
  • Ethics and Culture: An Analysis of Moral Values of Africa Aesthetic Creativity—M.N. Onyeaghalaji.
  • Culture Misrepresentation Through Language Attitudes: Study of Francophone Camaroonian Migrants in South Africa—A. Gallous.
  • Integrating Culture in an Urban Transformation Framework in South Africa—A. Shafi, M. Sirayi, and M. Muchie.
  • The Ethics of Ubuntu and Its Role in Fostering Justice for Development in South Africa—M. Teleki and S.D. Kamga.
  • Creative Industries: Foreign Direct Investment as the Driving Tool for Sustainable Development—A.-O. Oluwayemisi and M. Muchie.
  • Colonial Legacies: Africa's International Relations and Agenda 2063—E. Niyitunga.
  • The "Invisible Force" in the Downfall of the African Standby Force—F. Onditi.
  • Africa's Democratic Evolution: The Role of Flawed Elections, Incumbency, and Third-Term Syndrome in Political Instability—W.K. Shilaho.
  • Africans and Africa: Cultural Nationalism and the Rebirth of Pan-Africanism—T. Fagunwo.
  • Developing the African Dream: African Unity, a Prerequisite for African Development—S. Tom.
  • Free Trade in Africa: Macroeconomic Convergence, Possibilities, and Prospects—V. Gumede.
  • Transformation from Millennium Development Goals to SDGs: The Imperative of African Unity in Africa’s Development—A. Oluwashakin and A.S. Aboyade.
  • CONCLUSION—the Editors.