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Innovation Policy at the Intersection: Global Debates and Local Experiences

Mlungisi B.G. Cele, Thierry M. Luescher, and Angela Wilson Fadiji, editors
Innovation Policy at the Intersection: Global Debates and Local Experiences
ISBN: 978-0-7969-2591-6
2020/156 pages
Distributed for HSRC Press


As countries around the world find themselves grappling with sociotechnological shifts—the Fourth Industrial Revolution—science, technology, and innovation policy (STI) is at the intersection of local and global challenges. The authors of Innovation Policy at the Intersection call for a comprehensive rethinking of STI policy in order to meet those challenges. Highlighting the experiences of a broad spectrum of countries around the world, they identify the need for a coherent, systemic approach that brings together the global and the local, the theoretical and the practical.


Mlungisi B.G. Cele is acting chief executive officer of South Africa's National Advisory Council on Innovation. Thierry M. Luescher is a research director at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and associate professor at the University of the Free State. Angela Wilson Fadiji is a research specialist at HSRC.


  • At the Intersection of Social Challenges and the Fourth Industrial Revolution—the Editors.
  • Transformative Innovation Policy: Insights from Colombia, Finland, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden—C. Daniels et al.
  • Toward Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth Through Innovation—D. Phaho and T. Dlamini.
  • Science and Technology Policies and Directions for Solving Socioeconomic Problems in Korea—S.-H. Oh.
  • Toward a Coherent and Inclusive NSI: Building Network Alignment Through Strengthening Dynamic Interactive Capabilities—I.-H. Petersen and G. Kruss.
  • Building Regional Innovation Ecosystems and the Role of Government—M. Madikizela.
  • STI Measurements in South Africa: The State of Affairs—A. Pouris.
  • Measuring National Innovation Performance: The Case of Austria—J. Androsch et al.
  • The Impact of Swedish Innovation Policies on Firm Growth: Some Insights from Evaluations—E. Deiaco.
  • Ambiguities in Financing Innovation: A Case of Rio de Janeiro—T. Renault et al.
  • The Science and Technology Advisory Forum and the Mexican Experience in Technology Assessment—L. Estrada Galindo and J. Franco.
  • The Profile of the National Advisory Council on Science, Technology, and Innovation in Iran: An Overview—A. Ghadimi et al.
  • The Evolution and Functioning of South Africa's National Advisory Council on Innovation—M.B.G. Cele.
The US and its possessions, Canada, and Asia with the exception of China