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Innovative Governance in the European Union: The Politics of Multilevel Policymaking

Ingeborg Tömmel and Amy Verdun, editors
Innovative Governance in the European Union: The Politics of Multilevel Policymaking
ISBN: 978-1-58826-639-2
ISBN: 978-1-58826-614-9
2008/363 pages/LC: 2008033569
Studies on the European Polity
"This coherent volume—including its three precise and sharp introductory and concluding chapters, but also a very rich collection of high-quality sector chapters ... is both [detailed] and analytical enough to help students as well as specialists find their way into a complex area."—Sophie Jacquot, EUSA Review

"The ongoing constitutional debate in the EU has distracted attention from the workaday world of policy coordination and formulation. This book rebalances the equation, focusing attention squarely on the core activities of the EU.... Essential for scholars and students alike, Innovative Governance is a pleasure to read."—Desmond Dinan, George Mason University

"An impressive collection of essays explaining how governance works in Europe in a broad range of issue areas."—Jeffrey Kopstein, University of Toronto


Do the traditional tools of governance make sense in the decidedly nontraditional political entity that is the European Union? Or are the realities of the unique EU system generating new, and sometimes eclectic approaches to policymaking? Responding to these questions, Innovative Governance in the European Union explores the emergence and development of governance approaches in a wide range of policy areas.

The book's strong conceptual framework coupled with extensive empirical studies allows systematic comparison across EU policy areas. It also sheds light on the politics of policymaking in the context of the incentives and constraints set by the EU's institutional structure. Taken as a whole, it provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the forms of governance now emerging in the European Union.


Ingeborg Tömmel is professor of international politics and holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Politics and Policies at the University of Osnabrück. Amy Verdun is professor of political science and holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration Studies at the University of Victoria.


  • Innnovation Governance in the European Union—the Editors.
  • Modes of Governance and the Institutional Structure of the EU—I. Tömmel.
  • Combining Modes of Governance in EU Policymaking—A. Benz.
  • Governance in EU Environmental Policy—K. Holzinger, C. Knill, and A. Lenschow.
  • Modes of Governance in EU Tax Policy—C.M. Radaelli and U.S. Kraemer.
  • Regulation and Cooperation in Economic and Monetary Policy—A. Verdun.
  • From “Integration by Stealth” to “Good Governance” in EU Social Policy—L. Cram.
  • Cooperation and Hierarchy in EU Competition Policy—D. Lehmkuhl.
  • Single Market Policies: From Mutual Recognition to Institution Building—S.K. Schmidt.
  • Taking the Field: The EU and Sport Governance—O. Croci.
  • Governing the Single Market: From Private Coordination to Public Regulation—M. Egan.
  • Enlargement: Expanding the Realm of European Governance—C.C. Pentland.
  • Establishing Multilevel Governance in the EU: Regulating Public Utilities—E. Grande and U. Hartenberger.
  • Extended Governance: Implementation of EU Social Policy in the Member States—M. Hartlapp.
  • Tackling the Regulatory Dilemma: The Rise of Transgovernmental Networks—B. Eberlein and A. Newman.
  • Transgovernmentalism in Freedom, Security, and Justice—S. Lavenex.
  • Weak Process, Strong Results: Cooperation in European Higher Education—B.G. Haskel.
  • Innovative Governance: What Makes It Different?—the Editors.