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Inside African Politics, 2nd edition

Kevin C. Dunn and Pierre Englebert
Inside African Politics, 2nd edition
ISBN: 978-1-62637-807-0
ISBN: 978-1-62637-864-3
2019/477 pages/LC: 2019000101
Praise for the first edition:

"A book that is relevant not only to teaching but to broader scholarship and research as well." —Gemma Bird, The Journal of Modern African Studies

"Will no doubt become the standard text for years to come: a sharply written, well-informed, and completely up-to-date book that should find a wide audience beyond the classroom, as well." —Nicolas van de Walle, Foreign Affairs

"A comprehensive, scholarly, and readable guide to (mostly) post-1990 Africa. Highly recommended."—Choice

"A superior textbook. Inside African Politics will appeal to undergraduates looking for an introduction to African politics, as well as to graduate students searching for broad theoretical discussions."—Ngonidzashe Munemo, Williams College

"A comprehensive tour d’horizon of African politics, as well as an incisive review of existing scholarship. Inside African Politics is destined to become a standard reference for teaching and research." —Michael Bratton, Michigan State University


The second edition of Inside African Politics, updated throughout to reflect political developments across the continent, not only provides thorough coverage of the full range of core topics, but also furthers an awareness and understanding of key theoretical issues and current debates.

Drawing on their extensive teaching and fieldwork experience, Pierre Englebert and Kevin Dunn offer:

     • A straightforward, accessible style, making even complex ideas easy to understand
     • A balanced approach, exposing multiple perspectives on contested issues
     • A focus on both states and citizens, politics from above and below
     • Discussions of existing policies, as well as policy implications of different approaches
     • An abundance of rich data and illustrative examples

The result is both an essential text and a long-term resource for students and scholars alike.


Kevin C. Dunn is Donald R. Harter Professor of political science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. Pierre Englebert is H. Russell Smith Professor of International Relations at Pomona College, as well as senior fellow at the Atlantic Council's Africa Center.


  • Why African Politics Matter.
  • The Evolution of African States.
  • People, Identity, and Politics.
  • The Practice of Power.
  • Regime Types Across the Spectrum.
  • The Economic Dimensions of African Politics.
  • War, Conflict, and Security.
  • The International Relations of African States.