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Inside Political Campaigns: Chronicles—and Lessons—from the Trenches

James R. Bowers and Stephen Daniels, editors
Inside Political Campaigns: Chronicles—and Lessons—from the Trenches
ISBN: 978-1-58826-755-9
ISBN: 978-1-58826-779-5
2011/263 pages/LC: 2010049164
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"Inside Political Campaigns is unique in chronicling the experiences of eleven political scientists who plunged into the real world of campaign politics. The lessons learned by these academics who hit the campaign trail are valuable for students and practitioners alike."—James A. Davis, Oklahoma State University


This guided tour of the inner workings of the election campaign process demystifies the often murky world of professional politics.

Offering a unique blend of theory and practice, Inside Political Campaigns draws on the experiences of political scientists who have played such key roles as campaign managers, consultants, media advisers, and even candidates. First-hand accounts of races run at the local, state, and national levels reveal the many complex facets of the modern electoral process. Highlighting lessons learned, the authors provide a unique introduction to both the study and the execution of political campaigns.


James R. Bowers is professor of political science at St. John Fisher College. His publications include Governing Middle-Sized Cities: Studies in Mayoral Leadership (coedited with Wilbur C. Rich). Stephen Daniels is research professor at the American Bar Foundation. He is coauthor (with James R. Bowers) of Hypotheticals: Supreme Court Decision-Making and Constitutional Interpretation.


  • Ten Lessons to Look for in Campaign Chronicles—the Editors.
  • The Importance of Planning—C. Rackaway.
  • Long-Term Strategy in Local Elections—S. Daniels.
  • Funding Hillary's 2008 Presidential Campaign—V. Gutman.
  • Media, Money, and Mud in Illinois' Eleventh Congressional District—T. Renner.
  • Working on Bill Clinton's1992 Research Staff—K. Anderson.
  • Volunteering in a State Legislative Campaign—M. Smith.
  • Family as Staff in an Amateur Campaign—J. McNamara.
  • Almost Winning Missouri's Ninth Congressional District—R.J. Hardy.
  • Being a Challenger in a Long-Shot City Council Campaign—J.R. Bowers.
  • Running for Governor as a Third-Party Candidate—M. Munger.
  • The Perils of Multicandidate Mayoral Primaries—A. Wicks.
  • The Next Step—Get Involved in a Campaign—the Editors.