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Inspector Ali [a novel]

Driss Chraibi, translated by Lara McGlashan
Inspector Ali [a novel]
ISBN: 978-0-89410-747-4
1994/143 pages/LC: 81-51655


After many years abroad, Brahim, the author of stories about a detective (alter-ego) named Ali, returns to Morocco with his pregnant Scottish wife and two sons. Soon to join them are his in-laws, complete with golf clubs and nervous expectations about a mysterious land. In a warm, satirical novel about the misunderstanding between two worlds, Chraïbi pokes fun at both the native Morocco of Brahim and the Great Britain of his visiting family, writing in the sometimes tender, sometimes harsh language that is characteristic of his work.


Born in Morocco in 1926,the late Driss Chraïbi embraced French education and culture early on and supported French colonial rule; but he soon became equally critical of the Occidental and the Islamic worlds, and his writing often focuses on the unresolved conflicts between the two. Chraïbi practiced medicine for a few years, then turned to writing in 1952. He has published more than a dozen highly acclaimed novels.
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