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Institutional Adaptation and Innovation in Rural Mexico

Richard Snyder, editor
ISBN: 978-1-87836-741-9
1999/166 pages
Distributed for the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies at the University of California, San Diego


This volume explores the complex processes of institutional transformation that were unleashed in rural Mexico by the government's massive program of market-oriented economic reforms in the 1990s, creating new pressures for campesinos to make their production choices individually.

Instead of paving the way for the triumph of free market forces, neoliberal reforms in rural Mexico tiggered a creative episode of instiutional reconstruction and innovation. As a result, instead of focusing on how the old institutions of statism were dismantled, students of rural Mexico should shift their attention to understanding the new institutions that have replaced those destroyed or displaced by the neoliberal reforms.

Contributors include Francisco Javier Guerrero Anaya, Jorge Hernández Díaz, Horacio Mackinlay, Richard Snyder, and Jorge Mario Soto Romero.