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International Environmental Politics: The Limits of Green Diplomacy

Lee-Anne Broadhead
International Environmental Politics: The Limits of Green Diplomacy
ISBN: 978-1-58826-092-5
ISBN: 978-1-58826-068-0
2002/240 pages/LC: 2002018879

"Broadhead paints a dismal, yet convincing picture of the state of environmental politics today.... The text is full of relevant examples that not only enlighten the reader but also increase the validity of the author's case."—Paul MacDougall, Common Ground

"This is a book well worth reading.... Offers a refreshing counterpoint to the absurd assumption that economic growth will cure all the ills including those that it induces."—Robert Paehlke, International Journal

"Lee-Anne Broadhead's book will gain a strong place on reading lists as an essential text."—Matthew Paterson


Introducing students to global environmental politics from a critical perspective, Lee-Anne Broadhead reveals the yawning gap between the rhetoric of international agreements and the reality of meaningful results.

Broadhead effectively integrates concepts from international political economy and international environmental politics to demonstrate that the regimes established to manage the global commons represent no more than a status quo approach, and in fact reinforce inequalities and environmentally destructive practices. Engaging with mainstream debates, her concise, accessible analysis points clearly to the need for alternative international structures that have social justice and ecological awareness as their starting point.


Lee-Anne Broadhead is associate professor of political science at the University College of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.


  • Situation Critical.
  • From Protest to Sustainable Development: The Advent of Green Diplomacy.
  • Globalizing Unsustainability.
  • The Limits of Regime Formation.
  • Reconsidering Utopia.
  • Conclusion.