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International Law in World Politics: An Introduction, 3rd edition

Shirley V. Scott
International Law in World Politics: An Introduction, 3rd edition
ISBN: 978-1-62637-604-5
ISBN: 978-1-62637-688-5
2017/325 pages/LC: 2017002126
"This is the premier textbook on the politics of international law … an indispensable teaching tool. This new edition adds comprehensive coverage of international courts and recent developments in the fast-moving world of law and politics in the global arena."—Ian Hurd, Northwestern University

Praise for the previous editions:

"Excellent.... [Scott provides] succinct and authoritative coverage of the ties between contemporary world events and the norms that supposedly govern them."—UN21 Newsletter, ASIL

"This is a superb treatment of the subject matter."—Choice

"Writing an easily accessible but still comprehensive text on the role of international law in current world politics is not easy, yet it is exactly what Shirley Scott has accomplished with this excellent introductory book." —Hanne Hagtvedt Vik, Journal of Peace Research

"This ... excellent introductory book ... should be appropriate for a wide range of survey/introductory courses in international law."—John King Gamble, Australian Yearbook of International Law


Reflecting a dramatically changing global context, the third edition of International Law in World Politics introduces the actors, structures, processes, and issues of international law in a way that makes sense to students of political science.

Features of the new edition include:

• current case studies that bring the subject to life.
• an entirely new chapter on international courts and tribunals.
• more attention to trade and economic issues.
• even-handed discussion of such contentious topics as the Iran nuclear deal, Africa and the ICC, the Paris climate agreement, rising tensions in the South China Sea, and more.

The result is a text that effectively explains the role that international law plays in the arena of world politics today.


Shirley V. Scott is professor of international relations at the University of New South Wales.


  • The Rules-Based International Order.
  • States.
  • Nonstate Actors.
  • Intergovernmental Organizations.
  • International Courts and Tribunals.
  • The Autonomy of International Law.
  • Legal Argument as Political Maneuvering.
  • Reading a Multilateral Treaty.
  • The Evolution of a Multilateral Treaty Regime.
  • The Initiation of International Armed Conflict.
  • The Conduct of Armed Conflict.
  • Arms Control.
  • Human Rights.
  • The Environment.
  • International Law and the Shifting Distribution of Power.
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