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International Organizations: The Politics and Processes of Global Governance, 3rd edition

Margaret P. Karns, Karen A. Mingst, and Kendall W. Stiles
International Organizations: The Politics and Processes of Global Governance, 3rd edition
ISBN: 978-1-62637-151-4
ISBN: 978-1-62637-423-2
2015/671 pages/LC: 2015020506
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Praise for the previous editions:

"Detailed and comprehensive, this accessible IO text may well set the standard for years to come. The breadth of coverage provides 'one-stop shopping' for the full range of international organizations, along with welcome attention to global issues."—Kent Killen, College of Wooster

"This book is a great [introduction] to international organizations."—Bessma Momani, International Journal

"An extraordinary primer for any student of international relations.... This book collates and masterfully illustrates the varied processes that drive contemporary international organizations."—UN21 Newsletter, ASIL

"This is an important book, comprehensive, accessible, and rich in detail."—Ian Johnstone, Tufts University

"Putting the pieces of the puzzle together in a highly readable way, Karns and Mingst provide a comprehensive overview of the many actors, processes, and challenges involved in the complex subject of global governance."—Anne-Marie Slaughter, Princeton University


The third edition of the award-winning International Organizations has been thoroughly revised and updated to take into account new developments and shifting power relations since 2009, as well as the most current scholarship.

As before, the authors provide a comprehensive, in-depth examination of the full range of international organizations. New features of the book include attention to a broader range of theoretical approaches, to the increasing importance of regional organizations, and to emerging forms of governance. And new case studies highlight the governance dilemmas posed by the Libyan and Syrian civil wars, human trafficking, LGBT rights, climate change, and more.


Margaret P. Karns is professor emerita of political science at the University of Dayton and visiting professor of global governance and human security at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. Karen A. Mingst is professor emerita of political science at the University of Kentucky. Kendall W. Stiles is professor of political science at Brigham Young University.


  • The Challenges of Global Governance.
  • The Theoretical Foundations of Global Governance.
  • Foundations of the Pieces of Global Governance.
  • The United Nations: Centerpiece of Global Governance.
  • Regional Organizations.
  • Nonstate Actors: NGOs, Networks, and Social Movements.
  • The Search for Peace and Security.
  • Global Economic Governance.
  • Promoting Human Development and Economic Well-Being.
  • Protecting Human Rights.
  • Protecting the Environment.
  • Dilemmas in Global Governance.
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