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International Policy Institutions Around the Pacific Rim: A Directory of Resources in East Asia, Australasia, and the Americas

Ramón Bahamonde
ISBN: 978-1-55587-795-8
1998/322 pages/LC: 97-40585
Large Format
Published in association with the Pacific Council on International Policy
"Information in the directory is current and accurate. The compiler has done a remarkable job."—Tze-chung Li, American Reference Books Annual


This major compendium identifies the approximately three hundred key institutional resources on international political and economic affairs available throughout the Pacific Basin—in East and Southeast Asia, Australia, Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Pacific–oriented countries of South America.

Organized by country/region, the Directory highlights each institution's background and objectives, primary constituencies, significant resources, personnel, programs, and publications. A useful index includes acronyms, as well as the full names of the institutions covered.


The Directory was compiled by Ramón Bahamonde for the Pacific Council on International Policy, an independent leadership forum (established in cooperation with the Council on Foreign Relations and headquartered at the University of Southern California) that focuses on global trends and relationships of particular significance for the western region of the United States.