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Interrogating Popular Culture: Deviance, Justice and Social Order

Sean Anderson and Gregory Howard, editors
ISBN: 978-0-911577-42-6
1998/128 pages
A CriminalJusticePress Project

"Each essay which makes up this book engages with these concerns in interesting and sometimes innovative ways. Contributions to the collection reveal the breadth of possibility opened up by inquiries into popular culture and criminology."—Current Issues in Criminal Justice

"The editors and contributors of the JCJPC deserve the highest praise for their academic entrepreneurship. This book reflects the best of their work."—Phillip Jenkins


This anthology features nine articles reprinted from the Journal of Justice and Popular Culture. Topics include: crime and deviance in the context of broader cultural patterns and conflicts; how images of predation and inhuman evil shape public attitudes toward violent crime; the significance of rhetoric in the making of justice policy; the continuing influence of the violent U.S. frontier on contemporary America; the influence of television imagery on public perceptions of the criminal justice system; how cinematic images reflect and refract the crisis of patriarchy in an era of political and cultural conservatism; the response of American culture to insanity; comic books' messages on key cultural issues; and the value of non-traditional texts as educational devices.

Contributors include: Chris Amirault, Rainer Eisfeld, J. Forbes Farmer, Jeff Ferrell, Andrew Karmen, Connie McNeely, Neffrey Niesel and Jeff Williams.

Recommended for classes on social deviance.