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Introducing Global Issues, 6th edition

Michael T. Snarr and D. Neil Snarr, editors
Introducing Global Issues, 6th edition
ISBN: 978-1-62637-546-8
ISBN: 978-1-62637-602-1
2016/391 pages/LC: 2016000717
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Praise for the previous editions:

"Since I began assigning Introducing Global Issues, my students have been much more involved in the course.... A valuable resource."—Jeffrey P. Blick, Georgia College and State University

"A balanced, in-depth introduction to the intertwined nature of modern global issues."—Ralph G. Carter, Texas Christian University


How is new technology—cyberwarfare, drones, and more—affecting global security? Are the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals having an impact? What progress are governments making in dealing with climate change? Is there a viable solution to the Syrian refugee crisis? How do we reconcile the concepts of universal human rights and national sovereignty? These are among the difficult questions addressed in this new, fully revised and updated edition of Introducing Global Issues.

The material has been successfully designed for readers with little or no prior knowledge of the topics covered. Each chapter provides an analytical overview of the issue addressed, identifies central actors and perspectives, and outlines past progress and future prospects. Discussion questions are posed to enhance students' appreciation of the complexities involved, and suggestions for further reading additionally enrich the text.


Michael T. Snarr is professor of political science at Wilmington College. D. Neil Snarr is professor emeritus of sociology at Wilmington College.


  • Exploring Global Issues—M.T. Snarr.
  • Global Security: Old Issues, New Realities—J.S. Lantis and M.T. Snarr.
  • The Threats of Weapons Proliferation—J.S. Lantis.
  • Nationalism and the Clash of Identities—L.M. Kassem, A.N. Talbott, and M.T. Snarr.
  • The Quest for Universal Human Rights—A.N. Talbott, D.N. Snarr, and A. Ingram.
  • Conflict over Natural Resources—D.S. Davenport and M.M.C. Beaudoin, with A. Ingram.
  • Ensuring Health—M.D. Newman and C.L. Veite.
  • Ensuring Food Security—C.H. Cockerill.
  • The Evolution of the Global Political Economy—M.E. Batiuk and J. Lehnert. 
  • Dilemmas of Free Trade—B.E. Moon.
  • Ending Poverty, Reducing Inequality—D. Reeves.
  • Challenges of Population Growth and Migration—E.P. Kraly, C. Anderson, F. Mulligan, and K. Weymouth.
  • Recognizing the Role of Women in Development—J. Dye and L.D. Jenkins.
  • Achieving Sustainable Development—P.S. Chasek.
  • Confronting Climate Change—M. Seis.
  • Future Prospects— M.T. Snarr and M.L. Canfield.
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