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Islam in Russia: Religion, Politics, and Society

Gregory Simons, Eric Shiraev, and Marat Shterin, editors
Islam in Russia: Religion, Politics, and Society
ISBN: 978-1-955055-37-6
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Forthcoming June 2022/215 pages
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Russia's Muslims, numbering some 15 million, constitute far from a homogeneous sociopolitical group. So ... What does it mean to be a Muslim in Russia today?  How is the image of Islam constructed, and how do the country's Muslims—and non-Muslims—perceive and react to it? These are the questions that gave rise to this book.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, the authors explore in what ways, and with what impact, Islam in contemporary Russia has been shaped by the interactions of the Soviet legacy, local cultures and languages, and external forces. They also address the influence of Islam on Russia's current Middle East policy. Their work is a rich and distinctive contribution to enhancing our understanding of the complexity and fluidity of Muslim identity in post-Soviet Russian politics and society.


Gregory Simons is associate professor in the Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Uppsala University and also affiliated with Turiba University and the Ural Federal University. Eric Shiraev is professor and senior research associate in the Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University. Marat Shterin is professor of the sociology of religion at King's College London.


  • Islam in Russian Politics and Society—the Editors.
  • Muslims With and Without Islam—M. Shterin.
  • Advancing the "Russianness" of Russia’s Islam—M. Laruelle.
  • Islam in the Russian Media—D. Strovsky.
  • Reporting on "Islam and Terrorism" in the Russian vs. the US Media—O. Lugunova et al.
  • Perceptions of the Hajj—Z. Khabibullina.
  • Between Russia and Islam—R. Rahimov.
  • The Role of Islam in Russia's Middle East Policy—N. Dreyer.
  • The Impact of Islam on Russia–Iran Relations—H. Azizi.
  • What Have We Learned?—the Editors.