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Journal of East Asian Studies

edited by Stephan Haggard, with associate editors Yun-han Chu, Byung-Kook Kim, Xiaobo Lu, Andrew MacIntyre, and Yoshihide Soeya
Journal of East Asian Studies
ISSN: 1598-2408
ISSN: 1598-2408
Volume 15, #1-3, 2015/200 pages per issue
Published three times yearly

"Succinct, empirically rich, and insightful on current issues of foreign policy and comparative politics."—Kent Calder

"JEAS is the foremost social science journal focusing on East Asia—its articles are consistently both theoretically and empirically innovative."—David C. Kang

"JEAS stands at the forefront of innovative scholarship on East Asia."—Dali Yang

"An excellent source for quality analysis of contemporary politics and public policy in East Asia."—Steve Vogel

"JEAS has rapidly emerged to be the leading journal for empirical research on East Asia."—Russell Dalton

"Has become the best journal devoted to the social science of Asia that we have."—Ellis S. Krauss

"Contains excellent articles by leading scholars and rising stars in the field."—Victor Cha

"Consistently provides timely and scholarly articles on the most important issues in East Asia.  It is a fine resource for both research and teaching."—Thomas J. Christensen

"Should be on the reading list of all East Asian scholars and those interested in the comparative analysis of East Asia and other developing regions.  I recommend it highly."—Barbara Stallings

"Not only is the journal essential reading for those interested in policy-relevant scholarship on East Asia, but it also contributes immensely to social science and policy debates beyond the region."—Mike M. Mochizuki

"JEAS is a major voice for all those interested in following affairs in this important world region. The authors it publishes are accomplished, and their views deserve to be heard widely."—Peter J. Katzenstein

"Taking a social science approach to the region, [JEAS] is essential reading not only for specialists and policymakers, but for everyone interested in contemporary Asian affairs."— G-Wook Shin

"Over the last few years JEAS has become one of the best, if not the best, journals for high-quality research on the politics and political economy of East Asia."—Allen Hicken


Experts from around the globe come together in this important peer-reviewed forum to present compelling social science research on the entire East Asia region. Topics include democratic governance, military security, political culture, economic cooperation, human rights, and environmental concerns. Thought-provoking book reviews enhance each issue.