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Jordan in Transition: From Hussein to Abdullah

Curtis R. Ryan
Jordan in Transition: From Hussein to Abdullah
ISBN: 978-1-58826-103-8
ISBN: 978-1-62637-266-5
2003/170 pages/LC: 2002069817

"Undergraduates will find the book extremely valuable as a clear, very sound, and highly readable account of Jordanian politics since the 1980s."—Rex Brynen, Middle East Journal

"Ryan explains the intricacies of Jordanian politics in this timely, informative and well-written book."—Choice

"A first-rate analysis of the political and economic problems facing Jordan today.... essential reading for specialists, but also accessible to a general audience."—Jillian Schwedler


Jordan in Transition offers a cogent and compelling analysis of the country's domestic and international politics.

Ryan argues that there have been four dramatic transitions in Jordan's recent past: ambitious economic restructuring, efforts toward political liberalization, realignments in foreign relations (culminating in the 1994 peace agreement with Israel), and the succession of King Abdullah II. Exploring these transitions, and how each in turn affects the others, he provides a major contribution to our understanding of this pivotal country in the Middle East.


Curtis R. Ryan is professor of political science at Appalachian State University.


  • From Abdullah to Hussein: The Emergence of Modern Jordan.
  • Political Liberalization and Elections.
  • Economic Adjustment and Political Stability.
  • From War to Peace: Jordan's Changing Foreign Policy.
  • From Hussein to Abdullah: The Succession.
  • Jordan's Continuing Transition.