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Kashmir: New Voices, New Approaches

Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu, Bushra Asif, and Cyrus Samii, editors
Kashmir: New Voices, New Approaches
ISBN: 978-1-58826-432-9
ISBN: 978-1-58826-408-4
2006/292 pages/LC: 2005029706
A Project of the International Peace Institute

"Rejecting traditional assumptions that the rivalry over Kashmir is ingrained in the national identities of India and Pakistan, the contributors to this volume offer ways and means to move the dispute toward settlement and analyze the role of state and nonstate actors, including women, in this process. Most importantly, the contributors document the political, economic, and religious transformations taking place in Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir (IJK) and Pakistan-administered Azad (Independent) Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) that represent new hopes for peace.... Highly recommended. General readers, lower-division undergraduates through practitioners."—Choice


Uniquely representing all sides in the conflict over Kashmir, this innovative new book provides a forum for discussion not only of existing proposals for ending the conflict, but also of possible new paths toward settlement.

Contributors from India, Pakistan, and Kashmir explore the national and subnational dimensions of the ongoing hostilities, the role of the international community, and future prospects. The result is an informed overview of the present state of affairs—and a realistic examination of the potential for peaceful resolution.


Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu is on the faculty of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. He is coeditor of The United Nations and Regional Security: Europe and Beyond and China and India: Cooperation or Conflict? Bushra Asif is a consultant with the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) in New York. Cyrus Samii, formerly senior program officer at the International Peace Institute, is a doctoral candidate in political science at Columbia University.


  • Foreword—T. Rød-Larsen
  • Introduction—W.P.S. Sidhu.
  • SUBNATIONAL AND NATIONAL DIMENSIONS. Warring Over Peace in Kashmir—I. Kaur.
  • How Independent Is Azad Jammu and Kashmir?—B. Asif.
  • India and Armed Nonstate Actors in the Kashmir Conflict—D.S. Chandran.
  • Pakistan and Jihadi Groups in the Kashmir Conflict—R. Zeb.
  • Women in the Valley: From Victims to Agents of Change—K. Suri.
  • Women and Peacebuilding in Azad Jammu and Kashmir—S. Akhtar.
  • Sources of New Delhi's Kashmir Policy—P.R. Chari.
  • Islamabad's New Approach to Kashmir?—H-A. Rizvi.
  • Kashmir in the International System—A. Acharya and A. Acharya.
  • The International Community and Kashmir: Mission Impossble?—W.P.S. Sidhu.
  • Kashmir: "The Most Dangerous Place in the World"?—J. Thomson.
  • Settling the Kashmir Conflict: The Internal Dimension —I. Idris.
  • Kashmir: From Persistence to Progress?—C. Samii.
  • Chronology of the Kashmir Conflict.
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