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Key to an Enigma: British Sources Disprove British Claims to theFalkland/Malvinas

Angel M. Oliveri López
ISBN: 978-1-155587-521-3
1995/142 pages/LC: 94-31531
"Ambassador Oliveri López has succeeded to a rather amazing degree in cutting the ground out from under British claims to the [Falkland/Malvinas] islands."—Wayne S. Smith


This unusual analysis of the Falkland/Malvinas dispute relies almost entirely on British sources to refute British claims to the islands.

Oliveri López draws on official government documents, speeches, works of scholarship, and statements by residents of the islands themselves to substantiate his conclusion of "admission" by the U.K. of Argentine sovereignty over the Malvinas. Presenting his own view of the interests of the southern archipelagoes, he also explores various options for future negotiations regarding the region.


A career diplomat, Angel Oliveri López joined the Argentine Foreign Service in 1956. In 1973-1978 he served as minister plenipotentiary in the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the United Nations, and in 1978-1981 he headed the Antarctica and Malvinas section of the Argentine foreign ministry. He has also served as Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, undersecretary of international economic negotiations, and permanent representative to the Latin America Association for Integration (ALADI). Ambassador Oliveri López is author of Economic Integration and International Law.


  • The First British Dilemma: Overcoming the Weakness in Its Title to Sovereignty over the Malvinas.
  • The Second British Dilemma: Its Implicit Recognition of Argentina's Rights over the Southern Archipelagoes.
  • The Third British Dilemma: The Necessity of Involving Argentina in the Institutional Future of the Southern Archipelagoes.
  • Some Factors to Take into Account for Future Negotiations.
  • Reflections in the Form of an Epilogue: The Key to the Enigma.