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Kosovo: An Unfinished Peace

William G. O'Neill
Kosovo: An Unfinished Peace
ISBN: 978-1-58826-021-5
2001/159 pages/LC: 2001048121
International Peace Institute Occasional Paper Series

"A fascinating read about human rights details associated with Kosovo."—ASIL Newsletter


Despite the deployment of NATO forces in Kosovo and the UN's direct involvement in governing the province, such terrors as murder, disappearances, bombings, and arson have become routine occurrences. William O'Neill analyzes the nature of the violence that continues to plague Kosovo's residents and assesses efforts to guarantee public security.

O'Neill considers how the particular evolution of the Kosovo Liberation Army has had enduring negative consequences for the rule of law, how weak United Nations and NATO policies have contributed to this trend, and how the situation might be reversed. The result is a unique window into a controversial peacekeeping mission, presented from a practitioner's point of view.


William G. O'Neill was senior adviser on human rights to the UN Interim Mission in Kosovo (August 1999-February 2000). He has also served on human rights missions to Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Haiti, and Rwanda.


  • Introduction.
  • Violence Gradually Prevails: The Prewar Period (1989-1999).
  • The United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo: An Unwieldy Beast.
  • The NATO Kosovo Force.
  • Human Rights in Kosovo.
  • The Kosovo Judiciary and Legal Reform.
  • Policing the Peace.
  • The Kosovo Protection Corps.
  • Prisons and the Penal System.
  • Preventing Future Human Rights Abuses.
  • Conclusion.