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Language, Culture and Decolonisation

David Boucher, editor
Language, Culture and Decolonisation
ISBN: 978-0-7969-2612-8
ISBN: 978-0-7969-2644-9
2022/239 pages
Distributed for HSRC Press


Fanon has written that colonialism gets under the skin of the colonized by taking control of a people’s history, language, and culture—and denigrating all three. Exploring this reality, the authors of Language, Culture and Decolonisation draw on history, politics, philosophy, and literary studies to put forth a range of arguments about the importance of indigenous languages in the formation and expression of postcolonial identity.


David Boucher is professor of political philosophy and international relations at Cardiff University.


  • Introduction: Language and Decoloniality in Context—D. Boucher.
  • Decolonisation and the Pedagogy of the Oppressed: Circulations and Language in the Postcolonial Word—C. Smões de Araújo.
  • Language in Africa and the Impossibility of an African Philosophy of Liberation—M.J. Lamola.
  • The Place of Colonial Languages in Decolonial Philosophy and Practice—B. Sibanda.
  • Decolonialising the Language of Personhood—M. Tshivhase.
  • African Literature as Self-Interpretive: The Prospects of Indigenous Reading Modes—I. Chukwumah.
  • Cultural Decolonisation and the (Im)Possibilities of Literary Language—S.E. Egya.
  • Revealing the Power of Language and Developing Theory from Historical Artifacts—S.H. Kumalo.
  • Colonialism, Politics of Belonging, and the Reinvention of African Cultures: The Case of South Africa—S. Ndlovu.
  • The Turn to Tradition: Colonialism, Class, and the Making of Zulu Identity—B. Ngqulunga.
  • The Politics of Knowledge Production and Publishing: The Case of the Zulu Society—J. Sithole.
  • Minority Language Revitalization: European Conundrums—C.H. Williams.