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Latin America: Perspectives on a Region

Jack W. Hopkins, editor
Latin America: Perspectives on a Region
ISBN: 9780841909175
1987/320 pages/LC: 98006494
Distributed for Holmes & Meier Publishers

"Cogent, up-to-date, well written, informative, and occasionally provocative, this text stands as a welcome addition to required reading in introductory courses in Latin America. The volume's real strength is an appreciation of the complex amalgam of peoples and cultures, geographies and histories that constitute Latin America .... An exceptionally useful appendix on how to research Latin American topics in the library."


In the years since its original publication, Latin America: Perspectives on a Region has gained recognition as a well-written, comprehensive introductory text with an interdisciplinary approach to a politically volatile, culturally rich area.

The six chapters in the book's first two sections lay a historical groundwork, covering environmental and social systems, pre-Colombian cultures and Latin American societies, as well as discovery, conquest, colonialism, and independence. The third section, dedicated to contemporary dimensions of Latin America, includes chapters on women, refugees in Latin America, Latinos in the United States, the economics of Latin America, and political parties.

Concise and engaging writing is complemented by photographs, maps, graphs, and tables. In addition, the appendix on researching Latin America in the library has been completely rewritten to assist students in coping with the new technology of the information age.


Jack W. Hopkins was professor emeritus at Indiana University.


  • Environmental and Social Systems—Emilio F. Moran.
  • Pre-Columbian Cultures—Geoffrey W. Conrad
  • Latin American People, Cultures, and Societies—Paul Doughty.
  • Discovery and Conquest—John Frederick Schwaller.
  • Colonial Latin America—John V. Lombardi.
  • Independence and Nation Building in Latin America—Lawrence S.  Graham.
  • Religion in Latin America—Thomas G. Sanders.
  • Latin American Education—Robert F. Arnove, Stephen Franz, Kimberly Morse
  • Latin American Women: A Politics of History and Information—Francesca Miller
  • Political Parties and Ideology—John D. Martz.
  • Arduous Harmonies: The Literature of Latin America—John P. Dyson.
  • Art and Architecture in Latin American Republics—John F. Scott.
  • Music, Dance, and Drama: An Anthropological Perspective—Anya Peterson Royce, Anthony Seeger.
  • Latin American Economic Development—Ann Helwege.
  • Urbanization in Latin America—Robert V. Kemper.
  • International Migration and Refugees in Latin America—Dennis Conway.
  • Extended Borders: Latinos and the Bridging of the Americas— Enda Acosta-Belén.
  • The Political Systems of Latin America: Developmental Models and a Typology of Regimes—Howard J. Warda.
  • The Military in Latin America—David Scott Palmer.
  • Latin America in the World—Jack W. Hopkins.
  • Appendix: Researching Latin America in the Library: The Information Age—Glenn F. Read, Jr.