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Law and Election Politics: The Rules of the Game

Matthew J. Streb, editor
Law and Election Politics: The Rules of the Game
ISBN: 978-1-58826-304-9
ISBN: 978-1-58826-329-2
2005/223 pages/LC: 2004007058

"[Will] help newcomers to the field understand the contours of contemporary debates in election law, while providing experienced scholars in elections or constitutional law a firmer grasp of the relationship between the two.... Streb and his colleagues have provided an immensely useful service for the study of elections. It is the kind of work that is needed periodically to prevent scholars from isolating themselves too much within narrow disciplines.... This book helps political scientists make sense of the welter of court decisions that affect American elections....This book will help students make sense of the many and varied court decisions that shape electoral laws and politics."—Raymond J. LaRaja, Election Law Journal

"The topics highlighted here are among the most interesting and vexing issues in US politics.... The quality of the contributions is universally high. Highly recommended."—Choice

"A very thoroughly researched and well-presented book with a great quantity of information."—Ricardo Chueca, Law and Politics Book Review

"An excellent overview of the inextricable connections between politics and law.... I highly recommend this book."—Michael Bailey, Georgetown University

"From primary elections and campaign finance to legislative redistricting and the hidden world of judicial elections, this well-written and informative book explains the relevant legal basis of modern electoral politics."—Herbert Weisberg, Ohio State University


How much money can a candidate for political office legally collect, and from what sources? What can and can't be said in campaign ads? Who determines the process of redistricting, and what is the overall effect on U.S. democracy? Law and Election Politics analyzes the rules of the electoral game, helping readers to understand how politics influences and is influenced by electoral laws and court rulings. The authors address the most important—and sometimes controversial—decisions that the courts have made on campaign finance, political parties, issue advocacy, voting, campaigning, redistricting, and judicial elections. The result is an engaging and accessible study of how election laws and politics intertwine.


Matthew J. Streb is associate professor and chair of political science at Northern Illinois University. He is author of The New Electoral Politics of Race.


  • Linking Election Law and Electoral Politics—M.J. Streb.
  • Parties and Primaries: The First Electoral Round —K. Kanthak and J. Williams.
  • Third Parties: The Power of Electoral Laws and Institutions—M.R. Hershey.
  • Campaign Finance: Reform, Representation, and the First Amendment—V.A. Farrar-Myers.
  • Issue Advocacy Electioneering: The Role of Money and Organized Interests—A.J. Cigler.
  • Media Coverage: The Local Effects of Deregulation B.F. Schaffner.
  • The Internet: Democracy Goes Online—L.E. Goodman.
  • Defining Voters' Rights: Equal Protection and the Impact of Bush v. Gore —E. Gerstmann.
  • The Voting Rights Act: Addressing Age-Old Barriers in a New Milieu—A. Brown.
  • Redistricting: Racial and Partisan Considerations—C.S. Bullock, III.
  • Judicial Elections: A Different Standard for the Rulemakers?—M.J. Streb.