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Lina: Portrait of a Damascene Girl

Samar Attar
Lina: Portrait of a Damascene Girl
ISBN: 978-0-89410-780-1
1994/217 pages/LC: 94-25027


A revealing study of a girl growing to maturity in middle-class Syria and of her family’s struggle to survive in the tumultuous years of 1940–1961 in Damascus. Attar’s work shows a keen eye for the daily scene, a keen ear for conversation, and a tragic sense of history. Reflecting the rapid sociopolitical changes in Syria that exalted some, but crushed others, it marks anew the patterns of family life, love, and death.


Samar Attar was born in Damascus and has studied and taught in Europe and the United States. She is professor of Arabic language and literature at the University of Sydney.