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Making NAFTA Work: U.S. Firms and the New North American Business Environment

Stephen Blank and Jerry Haar
ISBN: 978-1-57454-047-5
1998/120 pages
Distributed for the North-South Center Press
"...a wealth of information about and careful analysis of NAFTA and its impact on how corporations are adapting to the reality of North American integration. Anyone in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico who expects to make the most of NAFTA should pay close attention to what the authors say about how it is affecting and will continue to influence their bottom-line needs—within each separate political jurisdiction and across what are becoming increasingly less relevant national boundaries."—Everett Ellis Briggs, President, Council of the Americas.


Blank and Haar examine how dynamic changes in the North American business environment, accelerated by NAFTA, have transformed corporate strategies and structures and affected patterns of U.S. investment in North America. Using a series of survey questionnaires and focused interviews with U.S. multinational-subsidiary executives in Mexico and Canada, the authors determine what firms hope to gain from the new North American rationalization and integration strategies, and analyze the factors that have driven those strategies.


Stephen Blank is professor of management and international business at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. Jerry Haar is senior research associate and director of the Inter-American Business and Labor Program of the North-South Center at the University of Miami.


  • Introduction.
  • U.S. Investment in Canada and Mexico.
  • An Emerging North American Economy: Corporate Strategy.
  • Continental Integration and Rationalization: Corporate Perspectives.
  • The Changing Experiences of U.S. Subsidiaries in Canada and Mexico.
  • Mexico and Canada: Looking Forward.
  • An Integrated Corporate System in North America?