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Mediating Sustainability: Growing Policy from the Grassroots

Jutta Blauert and Simon Zadek, editors
Mediating Sustainability: Growing Policy from the Grassroots
ISBN: 978-1-56549-082-6
ISBN: 978-1-56549-081-9
1998/286 pages
A Kumarian Press Book
"An invaluable resource for all people searching for the vision and the practical means to move towards equal and just economies and societies."—Wendy Harcourt, Development Journal

"An important and refreshing book for all those interested in the dynamic and sustainable development of the peasant or small farmer economy in the context of structural adjustment and globalization."—Frits Wils, Institute of Social Studies

"This book offers penetrating insight into sustainable rural livelihoods, but more important are the lessons it draws from the roles played by different types of organizations and institutions in critical policy formulation processes."—John Farrington, Overseas Development Institute

"Brilliantly documents several practical case studies from Latin America.... A valuable contribution to the emergence of the new paradigm of sustainable development."—Victor M. Toledo, National University of Mexico

"The broader concept of 'mediation' proposed by Blauert and Zadek and other contributors to this book is a valuable contribution to the literature on strategizing for development, helping theory keep abreast of practice."—Norman Uphoff, Cornell University


Focusing on efforts in Latin America aimed at achieving sustainable agricultural and rural development, the authors describe successful initiatives that seek to distill and articulate knowledge from the realm of practice in a manner than can influence the realm of policy.


Jutta Blauert is a development consultant whose work focuses on Latin America. Simon Zadek is senior fellow at the Global Green Growth Institute and the International Institute for Sustainable Development and visiting scholar at Tsinghua School of Economics and Management in Beijing


  • The Art of Mediation: Growing Policy from the Grassroots—the Editors.
  • Sustainable Agriculture Through Farmer Participation: Agricultural Research and Technology Development in Latin America’s Risk-Prone Areas—F.J. Pichón and J.E. Uquillas.
  • NGOs: Mediators of Sustainability/Intermediaries in Transition?—A. Bebbington.
  • The IAF and Its Grassroots Development Framework: The Cone—M. Ritchey-Vance.
  • Assessing the Merits of Participatory Development of Sustainable Agriculture: Experiences from Brazil and Central America—I. Guijt.
  • Moving Beyond Banana Trade Wars, 1993-96: Mediation in Solidarity for Sustainability—A. Smith.
  • Dealing with and in the Global Economy: Fairer Trade in Latin America—P.E. Tiffen and S. Zadek.
  • Building Sustainable Farmer Forestry in Mexico: Campesino Organizations and Their Advisers—G. Alatorre and E. Boege.
  • The Rise of a Transnational Peasant Movement in Central America—M. Edelman.
  • Conclusion: A Cautiously Optimistic Tale—the Editors.