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Mexico Under Fox

Luis Rubio and Susan Kaufman Purcell, editors
Mexico Under Fox
ISBN: 978-1-58826-242-4
ISBN: 978-1-58826-218-9
ISBN: 978-1-62637-209-2
2004/178 pages/LC: 2003023331
A publication of the Americas Society and CIDAC

"Makes an important contribution to our understanding of democratic transitions."—-Emily Edmonds-Poli, Latin American Politics and Society

"An important contribution toward understanding what has happened since the election of Vicente Fox, which marked the end of one-party, presidential rule in Mexico in 2000.... Highly recommended."—Choice

"[These] insightful essays (five by Mexican scholars) provide fresh views of Mexico's government under Fox, including the political roadblocks presented by the still strong Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI)."—Library Journal


Mexico made a peaceful transition to democracy when it elected opposition candidate Vicente Fox president in July 2000—an event that has had a profound impact on the country's political system, its economic and social policy, and its international relationships. Mexico Under Fox examines the elements of continuity and change found in Mexico today.

The authors consider the changing nature of Mexico's party system and the growing influence of noninstitutional political actors. They also explore the debate over social-policy reform and the conflict between vested economic interests and the forces favoring a more open economy. In the final chapters, they discuss the impact of Mexico's democratic transition, as well as the September 11 terrorist attacks, on Mexico–U.S. relations.


Luis Rubio is president of CIDAC (Center of Research for Development), an independent research institute in Mexico. His numerous publications include Mexico's Dilemma: The Political Origins of Economic Crisis. Susan Kaufman Purcell is vice president of the Americas Society. Dr. Purcell is coeditor, with Luis Rubio, of Mexico Under Zedillo.


  • Foreword—Edna Jaime and Susan Segal .
  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Democratic Politics in Mexico: New Complexities—L. Rubio.
  • Fox's Economic Agenda: An Incomplete Transition—E. Jaime.
  • Fighting Poverty in Mexico: Policy Challenges—J. Pardinas.
  • Fox's Foreign Policy Agenda: Global and Regional Priorities—A. Rozental.
  • U.S.-Mexico Relations: A View from Mexico—L.C. Ugalde.
  • The Changing Bilateral Relationship: A U.S. View—S.K. Purcell.