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Mexico in the Age of Democratic Revolutions, 1750-1850

Jaime E. Rodriguez O., editor
ISBN: 978-1-55587-476-6
1994/330 pages/LC: 93-33325

"Historians of colonial and early national Mexico will find this a very useful volume...”—Journal of Third World Studies

"The essays are of unusually high quality.... This is an important collection that will stimulate scholars of Mexico’s middle period’ and historians of nationalism and political change in other regions of Latin America as well."—The Americas


For a century beginning in the 1750s, Europe and the Americas underwent a series of profound political, economic, and social changes, ushering in the modern era. This book examines the experience of Mexico during that "age of democratic revolutions."

Among the specific issues examined in the book are the policies of Jose de Galvez, political transformations in colonial Sonora and Yucatan, elite politics during the movement for independence and the socioeconomic status of early national politicians, the transition from colonial to independent state, the Constitution of 1824, and the roles of the clergy and the regions in early national politics. Five out of the thirteen chapters are in Spanish. The authors offer a broadly based picture of the newly independent Mexico, plagued by economic stagnation, sectarian politics, regionalism, and foreign threats, but ultimately successful, after several decades, in consolidating its power.


Jaime E. Rodriguez O. is professor of history at the University of California, Irvine, and director of the university's Mexico/Chicano Program. Editor of the journal Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, his own publications include The Evolution of the Mexican Political System.


  • Introduction—J.E. Rodriguez O.
  • Del paternalismo autoritario al autoritarismo burocratico: Los exitos y fracasos de Jose de Galvez (1764-1767)—F.Castro Gutierrez.
  • La reforma institucional en ciernes: La gestion de Pedro Corbalan como intendente de Real Hacienda en Sonora y Sinaloa (1770-1787)—I. del Rio.
  • The Bourbon Reforms, City Councils, and the Struggle for Power in Yucatan, 1770-1796—R.W. Patch.
  • Ignacio Adalid, un equilibrista novohispano—V. Guedea.
  • The Transition from Colony to Nation: New Spain, 1820-1821—J.E. Rodriguez O.
  • Mier y la Constitucion de Mexico—A. Lira Gonzalez.
  • Issues and Factions in the Constituent Congress, 1823-1824—D.M. Quinlan.
  • El federalismo en la construcci de los estados—H. de Gortari Rabiela.
  • Clerics as Politicians: Church, State, and Political Power in Independent Mexico—A. Staples.
  • Hombres de bien in the Age of Santa Anna—M. P. Costeloe.
  • What Goes Around Comes Around: Political Change and Continuity in Mexico, 1750-1850—C. I. Archer.
  • The Emperor Goes to the Tailor—B.A. Tenenbaum.