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Mexico’s Left: The Paradox of the PRD

Dag Mossige
Mexico’s Left: The Paradox of the PRD
ISBN: 978-1-935049-62-3
2013/325 pages/LC: 2013024317
A FirstForumPress Book
"A major contribution that helps explain why Mexico is not among the many other Latin American countries with left-leaning leaders."—Yann Kerevel, The Latin Americanist

"Mexico’s Left is a welcome , needed addition to PRD scholarship.... [Mossige sheds] fascinating light on present-day PRD elites' competing visions for the party."—Brandon Van Dyck, Latin American Politics and Society

"An important contribution.... Dag Mossige has conducted exceptionally thorough research on the PRD, and he carefully situates his analysis within the comparative literature. His book illuminates the key dilemmas facing both the left and Mexico's new democracy."—Kevin J. Middlebrook, University College London


Why has Mexico's political left been in such turmoil since the dramatic 2006 election? What explains the contentious relationship between the country's largest left-wing party, the PRD, and its former presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador? Is the PRD in fact a political party, or instead a much looser political movement? Dag Mossige provides an insightful exploration of the inner workings of the PRD and its seemingly unending internal wars.


Dag Mossige is based in Norway, where he is conducting research on political parties.


  • The Paradox of the PRD.
  • 2006: What Happened to Mexico's Democracy?
  • The PRD: Born on the Back of a Fraud.
  • The Gains of Moderation and the Return to Mobilization.
  • After 2006: Back to Square One?
  • The Paradoxes of the 2007 Electoral Reform.
  • The 2008 Petroleum Reform.
  • The Showdown with AMLO.
  • The PRD and Mexico's Democracy.