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Mexico's Private Sector: Recent History, Future Challenges

Riordan Roett, editor
ISBN: 978-1-55587-713-2
1998/252 pages/LC: 98-25921
"This work is highly readable, up-to-date, clear, and includes lessons learned and fresh insights as to how Mexico can become a winner for the coming century."—Choice


Mexico’s private sector continues to confront challenges imposed not only by reforms in the country’s economic and political systems, but also by demands of the international economic community for transparent and fair business dealings. In this book, scholars and business leaders examine the responses to these challenges, weighing the goals of economic reform against its results, assessing the effect of economic modernization on sectors of the Mexican economy, and evaluating the political, economic, and social prospects for further reforms.


Riordan Roett is Sarita and Don Johnston Professor of Political Science and director of the Latin American Studies Program at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University. He is also founding director of the SAIS Program on U.S.-Mexico Relations and the Center of Brazilian Studies. He is author of numerous books and articles on Latin America and recently edited The Challenge of Institutional Reform in Mexico and The Mexican Peso Crisis: International Perspectives.


Introduction—C. E. Smith. OUTCOMES OF ECONOMIC REFORM IN MEXICO. Commentary on the Evolution of Economic Modernization—E. Elizondo Almaguer. Mexico's Private Sector, Then and Now—E. Cárdenas Sánchez. The Original Goals and Current Outcomes of Economic Reform in Mexico—J. Heath. Capital Markets and Economic Growth in Mexico: Toward a Sound Investment Regime—R. Salinas León. Recovery After Crisis: Lessons for Mexico's Banks and Private Sector—J. Gavito Mohar, A. Silva Nava, and G. Zamarripa Escamilla. Structural Change in the Mexican Private Sector: Strategies and Results—R. Winkler. Business-Government Relations Since 1990: NAFTA, Economic Crisis, and the Reorganization of Business Interests—K. Johnson Ceva. THE OUTLOOK AFTER NAFTA. The Effects of NAFTA on Mexico's Private Sector and Foreign Trade and Investment—D. Riner and J. V. Sweeney. Educating and Training the Mexican Labor Force for a Global Economy—J. A. Elguea and P. Marmolejo. Strategies of Mexican Firms Toward Global Markets: Theory and Representative Cases—A. Fernández Pérez and R. Tovar Landa. CONCLUSIONS. Prospects for Mexico's Private Sector: Toward the Twenty-First Century—R. Roett