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Mixed Messages: Multiracial Identities in the "Color-Blind" Era

David L. Brunsma, editor
Mixed Messages: Multiracial Identities in the "Color-Blind" Era
ISBN: 978-1-58826-372-8
ISBN: 978-1-58826-398-8
2006/405 pages/LC: 2005018523

"Strategically and masterfully authored chapters...presenting depth, breadth, and a variety of topical investigations substantiated by theoretical, empirical, and innovative analysis in an interdisciplinary context.... Highly recommended."—Choice

"An outstanding and thoroughly accessible study of racial issues and cultural trends in modern America."—The Bookwatch

"Mixed Messages will help shape the discourse on race for years to come."—Ashley W. Doane, Hillyer College

"Mixed Messages forthrightly addresses the questions central to the future of race in the twenty first century."—Martin Eisenberg, Queens College, City University of New York


The experiences and voices of multiracial individuals are challenging current categories of race, profoundly altering the meaning of racial identity and in the process changing the cultural fabric of the nation. Exploring this new reality, the authors of Mixed Messages examine what we know about multiracial identities—and the implications of those identities for fundamental issues of justice and equality.


David L. Brunsma is professor of sociology at the Virginia Tech. He is coauthor of Beyond Black: Biracial Identity in America.


  • Mixed Messages: Doing Race in the Color-Blind Era—D.L. Brunsma.
  • Defining Race: Comparative Perspectives—F.J. Davis.
  • Black, Honorary White, White: The Future of Race in the United States?—E. Bonilla-Silva and D. Embrick.
  • Racial Justice in a Black/Nonblack Society—G. Yancey.
  • Carving Out a Middle Ground: The Case of Hawai'i—J. Moniz and P. Spickard.
  • New Racial Identities, Old Arguments: Continuing Biological Reification—R. Spencer.
  • Color Blindness: An Obstacle to Racial Justice?—C.A. Gallagher.
  • Racism, Whitespace, and the Rise of the Neo-Mulattos—H.D. Horton.
  • Race, Multiraciality, and the Neoconservative Agenda—G.R. Daniel and J.M. Castaneda-Liles.
  • White Separatists in the Color-Blind Era: Redefining Multiracial and White Identities—A.L. Ferber.
  • Defining Racism to Achieve Goals: The Multiracial and Black Reparations Movements—J.E. Foster.
  • Selling Mixedness: Marketing with Multiracial Identities—K.M. DaCosta.
  • It All Starts at Home: Racial Socialization in Multiracial Families—K.A. Rockquemore et al.
  • Racial Logics and (Trans)Racial Identities: A View from Britain—F.W. Twine.
  • Black and White: Family Opposition to Becoming Multiracial—E.C. Childs.
  • Negotiating Racial Identity in Social Interactions—R.L. Lewis and K. Bell.
  • Black/White Friendships in a Color-Blind Society—K. Korgen and E. O'Brien.
  • Black and Latino: Dominican Americans Negotiate Racial Worlds—B. Bailey.
  • Finding a Home: Housing the Color Line—H. Dalmage.
  • Confronting Racism in the Therapist's Office—K. Owusu-Bempah.
  • Culture and Identity in Mixed-Race Women's Lives—D. Storrs.