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Modernizing Women: Gender and Social Change in the Middle East, 3rd edition

Valentine M. Moghadam
Modernizing Women: Gender and Social Change in the Middle East, 3rd edition
ISBN: 978-1-58826-933-1
ISBN: 978-1-58826-909-6
ISBN: 978-1-62637-058-6
2013/350 pages/LC: 2013004027

"An invaluable resource for scholars in all manner of fields touching on gender studies and the MENA region.... Very well organized, very well sourced and very well written."—Ian Campbell, Middle East Media and Book Reviews Online

Praise for the previous editions:

"One of the best studies of women and social change in the Middle East ever to be published....  Superb."—Choice

"Moghadam addresses a bewildering array of puzzling anomalies and, slicing skillfully through them, exposes their bare bones and substructure."—Middle East Journal

"A tour de force.... a cogent and lively book that thoughtfully considers the political and economic issues emanating from gender constructs in state-building and economic development."—Feminist Collections


Valentine Moghadam's seminal study of the gendered nature of political and social processes in the Middle East and North Africa has been fully updated to reflect more than a decade of major changes.

This new edition reflects an emphasis on the impacts of both globalization and democratization. It also  includes entirely new chapters on the gender dynamics of conflicts in the region, on women and the Arab Spring, and on the achievements of women's rights movements. The result is an indispensable contribution to our understanding of current popular struggles for modernity, democratization, and meaningful citizenship.


Valentine M. Moghadam is professor of sociology and director of the International Affairs Program at Northeastern University. Her numerous publications include Globalization and Social Movements: Islamism, Feminism, and the Global Justice Movement and Globalizing Women: Gender, Globalization, and Transnational Feminist Movements (winner of the APSA Victoria Schuck Award).


  • Gendering the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Gender and Political Processes: A Historical Context.
  • Globalization and Women’s Economic Citizenship.
  • Gender and the Family: Patriarchy in Crisis.
  • Gender, Conflict, and War: Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq.
  • Gender Politics and the Islamic State: The Case of Iran.
  • Democratic Transitions: Women and the Arab Spring.
  • Modernizing Women.