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Mother Comes of Age [a novel]

Driss Chraibi, translated by Hugh A. Harter
Mother Comes of Age [a novel]
ISBN: 978-0-89410-322-3
ISBN: 978-0-89410-323-0
1984/121 pages


Setting his novel during World War II, Chraïbi opens the door on the protected and well-to- do world of an Arab woman whose role in society is restricted to that of wife and mother. At the urging of her two sons, she seeks knowledge of the larger world with all its political, economic, and social realities. Soon, she begins to develop and express her own opinions about the ongoing World War II and the domination and seclusion of women; and ultimately, she becomes an educator and activist, journeying to new intellectual and emotional realms. Published in French in 1972.


Born in Morocco in 1926, the late Driss Chraïbi embraced French education and culture early on and supported French colonial rule; but he soon became equally critical of the Occidental and the Islamic worlds, and his writing often focuses on the unresolved conflicts between the two. Chraïbi practiced medicine for a few years, then turned to writing in 1952. He has published more than a dozen highly acclaimed novels. The late Hugh A. Harter was president of Horizons for Learning.