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Multi-Track Diplomacy: A Systems Approach to Peace, 3rd edition

Louise Diamond and John McDonald
Multi-Track Diplomacy: A Systems Approach to Peace, 3rd edition
ISBN: 978-1-56549-057-4
1996/182 pages/LC: 95-42452
A Kumarian Press Book
"A groundbreaking overview and analysis of unofficial diplomacy and peacebuilding."—Ronald J. Fisher, University of Saskatchewan

 "An essential work for the reference shelf of the conflict resolution practitioner."—Joseph V. Montville, Center for Strategic and International Studies

"One of the first books to plot the complex system of actors in the international diplomatic and peacemaking domain."—Former Secretary of State Harold H. Saunders


Exceptional in its systemic approach to peacemaking and conflict resolution, Multi-Track Diplomacy identifies the actors and activities that contribute to peacemaking and peacebuilding processes. The authors show how each of nine tracks is interlinked with all the others, providing new ideas, fresh perspectives, and an extensive guide to further resources.


Louise Diamond and John McDonald are cofounders of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy.


  • Introduction.
  • The System as a Whole: Multi-Track Diplomacy.
  • Government: Peacemaking Through Diplomacy.
  • Nongovernment/Professional: Peacemaking Through Professional Conflict Resolution.
  • Business: Peacemaking Through Commerce.
  • Private Citizen: Peacemaking Through Personal Involvement.
  • Research, Training, and Education: Peacemaking Through Learning.
  • Activism: Peacemaking Through Advocacy. Religion: Peacemaking Through Faith in Action.
  • Funding: Peacemaking Through Providing Resources.
  • Communications and the Media: Peacemaking Through Information.
  • Preparing for the New Millennium: Issues Facing the Multi-Track Diplomacy System.
  • Intrasystemic Relationships.
  • Recommendations.