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Multiple Realities of International Mediation

Marieke Kleiboer
ISBN: 978-1-55587-769-9
1998/52 pages/LC: 97-33555

"The case-studies explored are fascinatingly thought through and presented and ... made refreshingly new.... This is one of the most provocative and stimulating books on mediation to have appeared recently."—Stephen Chan, International Affairs

"Rich and compact.... a unique, badly needed contribution to scholarly analysis of the state of mediation research and practice."—Alexander Georgey

"A significant contribution to our knowledge of conflict resolution."—Gregory A. Raymond

"The interplay of theory, criticism, and case studies is simply excellent."—Jacob Bercovitch


Recent experiences have demonstrated once again the complexities of brokering an end to deep-rooted ethnic and international conflicts, as well as the difficulties of evaluating the outcomes of third- party interventions. Addressing these issues, this book offers a sophisticated approach to assessing mediation efforts and to reconstructing and interpreting mediation processes.

Kleiboer develops four models of international mediation, articulating how the explanatory logic of each singles out determinants of mediation outcomes. Her multi-model analysis of the Camp David and Falklands/Malvinas cases powerfully demonstrates the importance of being aware, when assessing success or failure, of the often obscured assumptions that underlie contending approaches to mediation.


Marieke Kleiboer is affiliated with the Leyden Institute for Law and Public Policy at the University of Leyden (the Netherlands).


  • Understanding International Mediation.
  • (Re)Constructing International Mediation Theory.
  • Four Realities of International Mediation.
  • Assessing Mediation Outcomes: The Impact of Camp David.
  • Explaining Mediation Outcomes: The Falklands/Malvinas Conflict.
  • The Multiple Paradigms of Mediation Analysis.