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Muslim Women Throughout the World: A Bibliography

Michelle Kimball and Barbara R. von Schlegell
ISBN: 978-1-55587-680-7
1997/310 pages/LC: 96-25718

"Muslim Women is a real addition to our reference resources in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.... it will be a valued scholarly companion for a good long time."—Stephen Humphreys

"The authoritative source for works on women in the Muslim World."—Herbert Bodman


This comprehensive, up-to-date bibliography covers nearly 3,000 English-language books and articles on Muslim women throughout the world. Works are listed alphabetically by author, with an extensive index including both geographical and topical headings.

A special feature of the bibliography is its annotated list of the 50 "most highly recommended" books and articles; the result of a survey of specialists in the fields of Muslim and Middle Eastern women's studies.


Michelle Kimball is a scholar in the field of Islamic Studies. Barbara R. von Schlegell is assistant professor in the department of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.