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Myths and [Mis]Perceptions: Changing U.S. Elite Visions of Mexico

Sergio Aguayo Quezada
ISBN: 978-1-87826-736-5
1998/423 pages
Published in association with the El Colegio de México. U.S.-Mexico Contemporary Perspectives Series
Distributed for the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies at the University of California, San Diego

"Aguayo offers the thesis that the United States, through the backing of its cultural and political elite, contributed significantly to the permanence of Mexico's political model.& He offers numerous, juicy tidbits of historical information, some of which go a long way to explaining current patterns."—Roderic Ai Camp, Journal of Latin American Studies


Weaving together the influences of the media, academia, government, and society at large, Aguayo traces the evolution of U.S. perceptions toward Mexico and outlines how changing U.S. views have affected events in Mexico and the bilateral relationship itself. This meticulously crafted study of the intersection of perceptions, ideas, and consciousness in international relations constitutes nothing less than a reinterpretation of much of Mexico's contemporary history.