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NGO Leadership and Human Rights

Richard K. Ghere
NGO Leadership and Human Rights
ISBN: 978-1-56549-419-0
ISBN: 978-1-56549-418-3
2012/310 pages/LC: 2012006921
A Kumarian Press Book
"[Ghere] addresses a critical issue that has received scant scholarly attention in the mainstream human rights/humanitarian affairs literature."—George Andreopoulos, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

"An important contribution to the improving literature on the new public service."—H. George Frederickson


Richard Ghere provides a comprehensive survey of NGO involvement in a human rights based approach to leadership, organization, management, and performance.

Ghere points to how any NGO, regardless of its specific mission, can provide outlets for human rights activism. He also discusses the ways that NGOs have become increasingly concerned with human rights. Calling for leaders of human rights and development NGOs to "get on the same page" in terms of both theory and practice, he provides context, definition, and guidance for those working in development and advocacy organizations, as well as those considering a career in the NGO world.


Richard K. Ghere is associate professor of political science at the University of Dayton.


  • Foreword—H. George Frederickson.
  • Introduction: NGOs, Human Rights, and Leadership.
  • Slippery Terminology: Strategically Crafted Rhetoric in Development and Human Rights.
  • Rights-Based Leadership and Transformative Change.
  • Organization and Management in Pursuit of Rights-Based Missions.
  • Performance and Accountability in Rights-Focused NGOs.
  • Organization Learning and Knowledge Management as Foundations of Rights-Based Accomplishment.
  • Gender and Rights Advancement.
  • Human Resources Management in Humanitarian and Development NGOs.
  • Conclusion: Rights-Based Leadership in NGOs.
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