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Naked in Exile: Khalil Hawi's The Threshing Floors of Hunger

Khalil Hawi, translated and with extensive interpretive material by Adnan Haydarand Michael Beard
ISBN: 978-0-89410-366-7
1984/208 pages


Assembled in this volume are the Arabic and English texts of the three long poems that make up Hawi's Bayadir al-ju [The Threshing Floors of Hunger], The Cave, The Genie of the Beach, and Plurals in Singular Form: The Transformations of Lazarus 1962. The translators provide detailed essays that explain each poem and the specific problems encountered in translating it.


Khalil Hawi (b. 1925), a university professor in Beirut, committed suicide in 1982 as the Israeli army approached the city.