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National and Regional Self-Sufficiency Goals: Implications for International Agriculture

Fred J. Ruppel and Earl D. Kellogg, editors
ISBN: 978-1-55587-152-9
1993/250 pages/LC: 90-25593


The drive for agricultural and food self-sufficiency in countries throughout the world has become an important topic in international political discussions. This book uses a basic economic framework to set forth the issues and debates surrounding self-sufficiency and also describes the current situation in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the developed countries. A combination of thematic and region-specific analyses examines various justifications for pursuing goals of agricultural and food self-sufficiency and the mechanisms used to achieve those goals. The authors consider the meaning of self-sufficiency, the degree to which it is being achieved now or is likely to be achieved in the future, and the implications of these factors for world trade and food security.


Fred J. Ruppel is associate professor in the Department of Economics at Eastern Kentucky University. His field of specialization is international agricultural trade and finance. Earl D. Kellogg is executive director of the Consortium for International Development (CID) and research professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Arizona.


  • An Introduction to Agricultural Self-Sufficiency Issues—the Editors.
  • Conceptual Issues in Analyzing the Economics of Agricultural and Food Self-Sufficiency—J.M. Staatz.
  • Mechanisms for Achieving Food Self-Sufficiency—E.W.F. Peterson.
  • Latin America—D. Graham and N. Traore.
  • West Africa—J.M. Staatz and J.B. Wohl.
  • Eastern and Southern Africa—M. Rukuni and C.K. Eicher.
  • India—A. de Janvry and E. Sadoulet.
  • Malaysia and Thailand—E. Fitzpatrick.
  • Developed Countries—S.C. Schmidt.
  • Dynamics of Self-Sufficiency and Income Growth—N. Rask.
  • Structural Change in Food Demand and National Food Self-Sufficiency Goals—L.J. Unnevehr.
  • International Agricultural Trade and Food Self-Sufficiency—F. Ruppel.
  • Structural Adjustment and Food Security in Developing Countries—E.W.F. Peterson.
  • An Overview of Agricultural Self-Sufficiency in Developing Countries—E. Kellogg.