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Navigating Change for International NGOs: A Practical Handbook

James Crowley and Morgana Ryan
Navigating Change for International NGOs: A Practical Handbook
ISBN: 978-1-62637-559-8
ISBN: 978-1-62637-599-4
2017/223 pages/LC: 2017287140
A Kumarian Press Book
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"A useful read for busy, thoughtful practioners, as well as for scholars of NGO managerialism."—George E. Mitchell, Voluntas

"If you are in search of practical, useful guidance on how to lead strategic change specific to the international NGO context, look no further!... This is a must read for INGO leaders of today and tomorrow."—Annemarie Riley, Catholic Relief Services

"A highly practical book full of real world insight.... I recommend it to anyone who is really interested in how to achieve transformational change in the civil society sector."—Matthew Foster, Open University

"Gold dust!—tailored to our sector. This book brings together essential tools and insight for managing change for any ambitious international NGO."— Gib Bulloch, Accenture Development Partnerships

"This new book goes deep into the thorny challenges and opportunities that the NGO sector grapples with as demands grow and resource allocation choices become tighter. A must read for NGO senior teams and boards."—Catrina Sheridan, Trocaire

"As change for INGOs continues to be more accelerated, more complex, and more interrelated, [Navigating Change] will help you to guide your organization through these new and more turbulent times."—Tom Dente, InsideNGO

"This new publication brings insightful analysis, talent, and support to those crafting today the organizations of tomorrow."—Olivier Longué, Acción contra el Hambre (ACF-Spain)

"A must read for all who aim to master twenty-first century NGO leadership."—Mark Spelman, World Economic Forum

"Essential reading for [those] who want their organizations to be effective and remain relevant."—Jim Emerson, former CEO of Plan International, VSO, and ChildFund Alliance

"Crowley and Ryan analyze the critical issues that international NGOs have to deal with as we seek to redefine our role and value in countries that have vibrant civil societies and capable local organizations to lead the development process."—Paul Bode, ChildFund International

"A must read for those who are serious about their NGO remaining relevant in a complex and rapidly changing world."—Paddy Maguinness, Traidlinks

"The civil society sector is undertaking massive transformative changes that profoundly affect and disrupt our thinking, traditions, and relationships....  This brilliant book delivers timely and accurate guidance on how to embark on this historical change process."—Peter Christiansen, International Civil Society Centre, Berlin


How can the managers, the staff, the board members and CEOs of international NGOs best navigate the strategic changes that are needed so that their organizations can work effectively in today's complex environment? Having focused on the need for those changes in their previous book, Building a Better International NGO, James Crowley and Morgana Ryan now provide a practical, hands-on guide to achieving them.

The authors cut through both jargon and platitudes to provide proven tools for leading strategic change—tools that will help INGOs to improve their performance and increase their relevance as they grapple with new realities.


James Crowley and Morgana Ryan have extensive experience working with some of the world's largest NGOs in the areas of international development and humanitarian aid.


  • The Basics of Navigating Organizational Change.
  • The Art and Science of Complex Organizational Change.
  • The Essential Components of a High-Performance Organization.
  • Getting Serious About an Agency-Level Theory of Change.
  • Working with and Alongside the Private Sector.
  • Why NGOs Have So Much Trouble with IT.
  • Making Sense of Mergers in the Development and Humanitarian Sectors.