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Nepad: Toward Africa's Development or Another False Start?

Ian Taylor
Nepad: Toward Africa's Development or Another False Start?
ISBN: 978-1-58826-351-3
ISBN: 978-1-62637-116-3
2005/212 pages/LC: 2005005660
"Instead of merely focusing on the short-comings and omissions of the Nepad document, [Taylor] analyses Nepad's potential beyond the rhetoric and pronouncements and examines both Africa and Nepad in their political, economic, and global contexts.... This is a well-written and well-argued book."—Yolanda Sadie, Commonwealth and Comparative Politics

"A thoroughly engaging account of Nepad's brief history.... The book remains extremely relevant given current rhetoric about Africa which ... exaggerates the importance of recent governance improvements." —Nicholas van de Walle, Foreign Affairs


Enthusiastically embraced by African presidents, G-7 leaders, and the UN General Assembly alike, the New Partnership for Africa's Development has been advanced as the vehicle that will vitalize the continent's economies. Ian Taylor critically explores just what Nepad is, and what potential it has—or lacks—for promoting African development.


Ian Taylor (1969-2021) was professor in the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews.


  • Putting Nepad in its Place.
  • From the Lagos Plan to the New Partnership.
  • Elite Politics, the African State, and Nepad Diplomacy.
  • Nepad in the Global Political Economy.
  • Nepad and the Zimbabwe Debacle.
  • The Missing Dimensions: Gender and HIV/AIDS.
  • Another False Start?