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Nicaragua: Navigating the Politics of Democracy

David Close
Nicaragua: Navigating the Politics of Democracy
ISBN: 978-1-62637-435-5
ISBN: 978-1-62637-473-7
2016/224 pages/LC: 2015034426
"An impressive work of political analysis."—Philip Chrimes, International Affairs

"An articulate political history of Nicaragua.... Close engages scholars in a clearly written yet analytically challenging discussion of formative debates in comparative politics."—Brian Potter, Middle Atlantic Review of Latin American Studies

"An enjoyable read, and a very solid contribution both to the Nicaraguan case and to democratic theory more broadly."—John Peeler, Bucknell University


Since the 1970s, Nicaragua has experienced four major regime changes—shifts in its fundamental logic, structure, and operational code of governance. What accounts for such instability? Have other states that transitioned to democracy followed a similar path? Considering these questions, David Close explores the dynamics of Nicaragua's movements toward and away from democracy since 1979.


David Close is professor of political science at the Memorial University of Newfoundland. His previous publications include Nicaragua: The Chamorro Years and the coedited The Sandinistas and Nicaragua Since 1979.


  • Nicaragua's Political Transitions.
  • Thinking about Regimes.
  • Nicaragua in 1979.
  • Radical Sandinismo and the Vanguard Regime.
  • Electoral Democracy, 1984-2000.
  • Power-Shaping Duopoly, 2000-2011.
  • Dominant Power and Personalistic Rule, 2011-Present.
  • Putting Nicaragua in Perspective.