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Non-State Actors in the Human Rights Universe

George Andreopoulos, Zehra Kabasakal Arat, and Peter Juviler, editors
Non-State Actors in the Human Rights Universe
ISBN: 978-1-56549-214-1
ISBN: 978-1-56549-213-4
ISBN: 978-1-62637-398-3
2006/352 pages/LC: 2005030654
A Kumarian Press Book
"A most welcome addition to the literature on evolving human rights issues.... This volume fits nonstate actors into the political picture and offers a wide range of case studies for a close-up view. Anyone who teaches about contemporary human rights issues will want this book on their shelf, at ready reach."—Susan Waltz, University of Michigan

"In arguing for the necessity of looking 'beyond the state' and rethinking 'the human rights universe,' this book provides challenges to long-held assumptions and established practices, fascinating insights for analyses, and thought-provoking suggestions for policy."—Paul Gordon Lauren, University of Montana


Departing from analyses that focus on the role of the state in the arena of human rights, the authors of this original collection offer conceptually sophisticated, but accessible, discussions of the role and responsibility of nonstate actors with regard to the violation, promotion, and protection of human rights.


George Andreopoulos is professor of political science at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Zehra  F. Kabasakal Arat is professor of political science at The University of Connecticut. Peter Juviler is professor emeritus of political science at Barnard College.


  • Introduction—the Editors.
  • Theoretical Questions and Approaches. Looking beyond the State But Not Ignoring It: A Framework of Analysis for Non-State Actors and Human Rights—Z.F.K. Arat.
  • Human Rights and Non-State Actors: Theoretical Puzzles—M. Goodhart.
  • Accounting for Human Rights Violations by Non-State Actors—H.F. Spirer and L. Spirer.
  • Realizing Rights in the Work Place: Corporate Codes of Conduct and Empowerment from Below—R. Braun and J. Gearhart.
  • Multinational Corporations as Non-State Actors in the Human Rights Arena—J.L. Gunderson.
  • Royal Dutch Shell: How Deep the Changes?—J.P. Martin.
  • Non-State Actors in Conflict Situations. Global Civil Society Actors and 9/11—R. Falk.
  • On the Accountability of Non-State Armed Groups—G.J. Andreopoulos.
  • The Genetic Revolution and Human Rights: Brave New World Revisited?—P. Juviler.
  • Affordable and Accessible Drugs for Developing Countries: Recent Developments—R. Macklin.
  • Prior Agreements in International Clinical Trials: Ensuring the Benefits of Research to Developing Countries—A. Page.
  • The News Media in the Arena of Human Rights—A. Nelson.
  • No Empty Vessel: Media Roles in Human Rights—T.R. Lansner.
  • Non-State Actors and the Challenge of Slavery—K. Bales.
  • Violating Dignity: Welfare Reform, Black Women, and Non-State Violators—D. Davis.
  • Non-State Actors and Religious Freedom in Europe—W. Fautré.
  • Conclusion: Rethinking the Human Rights Universe—the Editors.