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Northeast Asia’s Nuclear Challenges

Su Hoon Lee, editor
Northeast Asia’s Nuclear Challenges
ISBN: 978-89-8421-347-0
2013/229 pages/LC: 2012554631
Explorations in Korean Studies
Distributed for the Institute for Far Eastern Studies, Kyungnam University


An array of challenges threaten the peace and security of Northeast Asia, not least how to contain a nuclear North Korea and ensure the safety of the region’s nuclear power structure. Addressing multiple dimensions of these crucial issues, the authors of Northeast Asia's Nuclear Challenges highlight the cooperative approaches needed not only among the primary actors—China, the two Koreas, Russia, and the United States—but throughout the international community.


Su Hoon Lee is director of the Institute for Far Eastern Studies at Kyungnam University.


  • Introduction: A Myriad of Challenges—Carving a Peaceful, Stable, and Secure Northeast Asia—S.H. Lee.
  • An Assessment of the Obama Doctrine—L. Sigal.
  • Global Partnerships Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction: A Russian Perspective—A.G. Savelyev.
  • Reassessing the G-8 Global Partnership: A South Korean Perspective—S.H. Lee.
  • Addressing the North Korean Nuclear Threat: A Strategic-Pragmatic Comprehensive Perspective and Its Policy Alternatives—K.Y. Park.
  • Can the North Korean Nuclear Crisis Be Resolved?—S.S. Hecker.
  • Nuclear Power in China, Japan, and Korea: A Current and Future Assessment—J. Cai.
  • Overcoming the Cold War Mindset: A Case for Promoting a Nuclear-Weapons Convention and a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone—T. Takahara.
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