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Old and New Battlespaces: Society, Military Power, and War

Jahara Matisek and Buddhika Jayamaha
Old and New Battlespaces: Society, Military Power, and War
ISBN: 978-1-62637-996-1
ISBN: 978-1-955055-07-9
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2022/197 pages/LC: 2021028801
"Posing urgent questions about the strategic challenges that Western states are facing, and offering a framework for understanding the complexities of war today, this book could not be more timely."—Martijn Kitzen, Netherlands Defense Academy

"An absolute must read … showcasing the innovative GRINS model and full of timely implications for US grand strategy."—Nori Katagiri, Saint Louis University

"A thoughtful, sobering, and highly original examination of the interaction between the unchanging nature of war and its ever-evolving character."—Andrew Bacevich, Boston University and Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

"A path-breaking book.... The authors distill the essence of conflict in our time, explain what this struggle is in the real world—not what politicians and pundits wish or believe it to be—and warn against the danger in believing that better weapons alone will protect us."—William Reno, Northwestern University


War is changing. The cybersphere, civil society, outer space ... all are emerging as domains in which battles are fought. What drives this shift? How is it affecting the character and conduct of war? What are the implications for military strategy?

As they address these fundamental questions, Jahara Matisek and Buddhika Jayamaha show how today's civil society, technology, and military organizations are dramatically transforming warfare—in a world in which war is at once everywhere and nowhere, and nearly everything can be weaponized.


Jahara Matisek is military professor in the Department of National Security Affairs at the US Naval War College. Buddhika Jayamaha is assistant professor of military and strategic studies at the US Air Force Academy.


  • Imagining War.
  • How Battlespaces Change Through Time.
  • Warfare in the Nuclear Age.
  • The Complexity of Emerging Battlespaces.
  • Compressed, Converged, and Expanded Battlespaces
  • Civil Society and the Contemporary Battlespace.
  • New Battlespaces and Strategic Realities.
  • The Future of Grand Strategy.