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Oranges in the Sun: Short Stories from the Arabian Gulf

edited and translated by Deborah S. Akers and Abubaker A. Bagader
Oranges in the Sun: Short Stories from the Arabian Gulf
ISBN: 978-0-89410-893-8
ISBN: 978-0-89410-869-3
2007/239 pages/LC: 2007026837

“These stories give voice to the yearning for justice and equality in a traditional and sometimes rigid, unforgiving society.”—Dena El-Saffar, Multicultural Review

Oranges in the Sun ... will fascinate readers with its tales from nations including Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Each story is a mystery, revealing a reqarding suprise or twist at the end.”—Whitney Hallberg, ForeWord

"[A] gem of a book.... These short stories uncover some of the preoccupations confronting Arab Gulf states.... They open a rare window into a world that is [usually] closed to the non-Arabic reader." —Joseph A. Kechichian, Gulf News

“These 49 fluently translated stories from seven Arab countries around the Persian Gulf give a broad picture of the 20th-century short fiction in the area.... Highly recommended.” —Choice

"An excellent array of tales from the Arabian Gulf ... that explore both the regional culture and universal emotions...." —Katherine Boyle, Booklist

"The stories in this remarkable anthology not only provide a realistic image of the development of an important literary genre in the region, but also offer deep insight into the innermost intricacies of the emotional and cultural lives of people in the Arab world." —Abdul-Aziz Al-Sebail, King Saud University


The stories in Oranges in the Sun capture a distinctly unique vision of the world, embodying the range of emotional and material concerns of the peoples of the Arab Gulf region.

The introduction to the collection provides historical context, as well as a broad overview of the selections.


Deborah S. Akers is assistant professor of anthropology at Miami University. Abubaker A. Bagader is professor of sociology at King Abdulaziz University. Together they have collaborated in the editing and translation of Voices of Change: Short Stories by Saudi Arabian Women Writers, They Die Strangers: Selected Works by Abdul-Wali, and Whispers from the Heart: Short Stories from Saudi Arabia.


  • Auntie Khadarjan—A. as-Siba'i.
  • Suq Al-Nada—Z.S. al-Mu'bi.
  • The Jewelry Box—B. al-Bashir.
  • The Impossible—N. Khayyat.
  • I Was Betrayed with a Single Golden Pound—M.A. al-Ghadir.
  • Knowing His Secret—S. al-Shamlan.
  • The Shelter—I.N. al-Humaydan.
  • An Encounter—'A.A. Husayn.
  • Blood Stains on the Wall—A. Bogary.
  • The Silver Polisher—'A.A. Bakhashwain.
  • Reaching You Through the Letter Carrier—'A. al-'Aziz Mishri.
  • YEMEN.
  • The Corn Seller—Z. Z.M. Dammaj.
  • Trilling Cries of Joy—'A.'A. Badib.
  • A Parting Shot—M.O. Bahah.
  • Sanaa Does Not Know Me—M. 'Umran.
  • The Veiled One—Z.S. al-Faqih.
  • To Return by Foot—W. al-Ahdal.
  • The Nightmare—H. Dummaj.
  • Bus #99—Y. al-Bagi.
  • OMAN.
  • Oranges in the Sun—Y. al-Mundhri.
  • A Crisis at Sea—'A. Rashid.
  • A Voice from the Earth—A. Bilal.
  • Ghomran's Oil Field—S. al-'Arimi.
  • Sounds of the Sea—S. Bulushi.
  • The Disaster—M. Rahabi.
  • The White Dog—S. al-Ma'mami.
  • The Plight—'A. Ahmad.
  • An Idyllic World—M. al-Murr.
  • Surprise at the Airport—A. az-Zar'uni.
  • The Bouquet of Jasmine—'A. al-Qadir.
  • That Winter—M. al-Malik.
  • Al-Assadiah—H.I. al-Mahrus.
  • The Dogs—'A.A. Khalifah.
  • The Siege—'A. 'Aqil.
  • QATAR.
  • Layla—W. al-Kuwari.
  • A Night of Sorrow—K. Jabr.
  • The Storyteller—H. Rasheed.
  • A Woman—H. al-Nu'aymi.
  • The Checkpoint—M. al-Hajiri.
  • The Prize—J. Faiz.
  • The Alley—N. al-Hallabi.
  • The Homeland Is Far Away, The Roads Are Many —L. al-Uthman.
  • The ID Card—L. al-Uthman.
  • Hunger—M. al-Shafi'i.
  • The Age of Pain—M. al-Shafi'i.
  • The Return of a Captive—H. al-Hammad.
  • New Wrinkles—B.A. Raqabah.
  • Guns and the Jasmine Rose—L.M. Salih.
  • Bashrawi—T. al-Rifai.