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Orphan Care: A Comparative View

Jo Daugherty Bailey, editor
Orphan Care: A Comparative View
ISBN: 978-1-56549-483-1
ISBN: 978-1-56549-484-8
2012/197 pages/LC: 2012000162
A Kumarian Press Book


It is estimated that there are some 140 million orphans worldwide, most of them in transition countries such as Russia and Brazil or poorer regions of the developing world. In Orphan Care, contributors from Botswana, Brazil, China, Russia, Thailand, and Zimbabwe provide insider, on-the-ground perspectives on orphan care in their respective countries, covering the historical and socioeconomic context of that country's policy and services, the primary reasons that children are brought into care, and the prevailing forms of current orphan services.

Questioning the appropriateness of "imported" orphan-care models and services, the authors collectively demonstrate the lessons that Northern development practitioners can learn from their counterparts in the South in the interests of creating and implementing effective orphan-care programs throughout the world.


Jo Daugherty Bailey is associate professor of sociology and social work at the University of Houston-Downtown.


  • Orphan Care: An Introduction—J.D. Bailey.
  • Care for Children in Botswana: Current Limitations, Future Possibilities—T. Maundeni.
  • The Care and Shelter of Children and Adolescents in Brazil: Expressions of Social Issues—M.L.T. Garcia and C.B. Fernandez.
  • Social Service for Orphans and Its Challenges in China—L. Meng and K. Zhu.
  • Orphan Care in Russia: Cause for Dismantling the Down Staircase—V. Schmidt.
  • Orphans in Thailand: Rehabilitating Our National Resource—H. Kamolsirisakul.
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Care of Orphaned Children in Zimbabwe—R. Mupedziswa and M. Mushunje.
  • Orphanhood, Poverty, and the Challenges for Care: Review of Global Policy Trends—T. Abebe.