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Our Sun Will Rise

Amelia Blossom House, with drawings by Selma Waldman
ISBN: 978-0-89410-642-2
1989/72 pages


A collection of forty-two poems that depict the pain and pathos, the political and personal struggles that marked South Africa during apartheid. House is acutely sensitive to the sometimes subtle, sometimes explosive tensions of her homeland—and to the hope that must accompany any movement toward liberation.

Eighteen full-page drawings by Selma Waldman are presented as visual responses to the poetry. 


Since completing her education in Cape Town, Amelia Blossom House has lived in both Europe and North America; her short stories, poems, and critical essays have been published in several countries. Selma Waldman’s internationally acclaimed art draws on themes from the Holocaust, as well as from the struggles for self-determination in Africa.